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01 September 2009 @ 10:24 pm
I figured it was time to say goodbye to Someone Else Is Driving, which has really been inspirational and important to me. Yet it needed a change, something I couldn't do with this community, a completely new start.
This is why I decided to shut this community down and create a new one, which will be filled with new power, inspiration and creativity. T W E N T Y T H R E E T W E L V E is now born and you will from now on find all my graphics over there.

twenty3twelve | twenty3twelve | twenty3twelve | twenty3twelve

Please make sure you'll join the community if you have liked my graphics so far. There are no posts yet, but I will inform you on how to apply to be an affiliate, how to submit suggestions for themes and how to treat the site when taking and using my art.

I want to say T H A N K Y O U to every single member, watcher and commenter right here on Someone Else Is Driving for treating me so nicely, commenting on my entries, showing me how to do my job a little better and just being great visitors. You have seriously made this possible, so thank you very much ♥
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17 August 2009 @ 09:35 pm
Since I've discovered 20in20 challenges I've been joining quite some, which - I think - is helping me to improve my skills since I am provided themes, which I have to icon. This gives me a great opportunity to try different styles, new colorings and tutorials, such a using a variety of textures and fonts I usually don't use.
That's why I did it again, I hope you'll enjoy these as I enjoyed making them.


020 Gilmore Girls made for an 20in20 challenge

i have to make her understand that i'm okay with the guy thing. 'cause not talking about guys and our personal lives - that's me and my mom. that is not me and rory. - are you okay with the guy thing? - yes. - really? - okay-ish. - that's not okay. - that's okay with an 'ish'. - whatever you say.Collapse )
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11 August 2009 @ 08:45 pm
It's been a few days since my last update since I was participating in an 20in20 icon challenge again. They seem to be quite popular lately and they're so much fun and way more challenging than the usual contests at still communities.


020 Isla Fisher made for a 20in20 challenge

don't talk about fluke. - why? what happened? - alicia bitch longlegs is what happened. - i hate her. who is she?Collapse )
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27 July 2009 @ 07:20 pm
I came back from London about a week ago and started doing your requested icons, so I hope they turned out the way you expected them to be.


038 Various requested icons + 02 banners

you make it, you take it, it's clear to me there is something between us..mistake it, my heart's breaking..I'm begging you please..Collapse )
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13 July 2009 @ 10:14 pm
With this post I am participating in my very first 20in20 challenge. I hope everyone will like this entry as it really was quite a challenge..for myself.
The request post is still open and will be open until I'm back from my vacation, which I'm on from tomorrow morning til July 21st. I will close the entry and start working on the requests then, so I hope you understand why you've been waiting so long.


030 Kelly Clarkson made for a 20in20 challenge

so why are my convictions blinded by your spotlight?Collapse )
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